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We are pleased to announce the arrival of the MWM Spartan. The Spartan range of Military Style SUVs are based on the legendary 4×4 Hunter platform provided by UAZ, Russia.



The MWM Spartan offers a 100% electric version. With battery packs from 56kWh to 90kWh & a suitably powerful electric drivetrain, the Spartan is the first electric car to come to market offering real world 4×4 capability. Since 1941, UAZ have been improving & perfecting their off-road capabilities. The combination of MW Motors electrification technology & the legendary UAZ 4×4 platform is a perfect match.



The MWW Spartan range will for the first time bring the UAZ 4×4 platform to Right hand drive markets. The full range (100% electric & petrol models) will launch in the UK in Q2 2020. The electric version in Left hand drive will be introduced on a phased basis throughout Europe later in the year.
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MWM Spartan perfectly describes this range of hard working, practical, minimalist, affordable & easy to fix vehicles. The range is designed for customers abandoned by large car manufacturers. Real 4×4 enthusiasts, the farming community, forestry workers, extreme activity fans & under-ground mining companies care about rugged, raw performance, not fancy interiors or accessories. Not everyone wants a high cost, high maintenance stallion. Some people need a workhorse. The Spartan range fills this niche.


Environmental & economic sustainability go hand in hand. Other companies like to build mega factories but these have severe economic & environmental impacts. All that concrete & steel cause mega emissions. The UAZ / MW Motors co-operation allows for the use of existing world class UAZ factories & existing MW Motors finishing facilities in Europe.

A proven vehicle platform from UAZ is married with cutting edge electrification technology from MW Motors. This clever use of resources eliminates the carbon footprint associated with building new facilities, guarantees economic sustainability & delivers an affordable price for the end customer.

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Based in Ulyanovsk, Russian Federation, the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant (UAZ) is one of the most famous Russian automotive brands and the leading off-road cars manufacturer with a 78-year production history. Its current model line-up includes a full portfolio of both gasoline and diesel powered 4×4 SUV, Pick Up and LCV vehicles exported to more than 50 countries of the world.


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