Thanks to our off-road MWM Spartan EV, we've been to a lot of interesting places. Whether these were test drives far from civilisation or testing at various events, there was one thing we missed - a proper rest after a hard day.

And since we already know how to build a car, we decided to build a camper trailer. After a year of preparation, trying and testing, the moment comes when we want to share this news with you.


Introducing the new WD Camper 01


A model that comfortably sleeps two adults and one child. The mattress is 200 cm long and 150 cm wide. For a family of several people, the roof rack can be used to attach a roof tent and increase the capacity of the sleepers at will.

The WD Camper has a fully-equipped and covered kitchen accessible from the rear, a 50l compressor fridge and an 80l water tank with a pump. All of this, combined with a water heater and a shower, will raise the overall comfort to a new level. Comfortable sleeping, a kitchen, running hot water and a shower, you can already call this home, even if it's "only" 4.8 sqm.

And that's not counting the storage space. About 1,000 litres is more than most MPVs offer. You'll have plenty of room for your luggage and essentials.

We reckoned you'd want to spend most of your time outdoors, otherwise you'd stay at home, right? The large roll-up pergola will shelter you from the sun and rain. You can easily attach a bike rack, roof boxes, solar panels for greater self-sufficiency on longer trips away from civilisation, and a spare bike to the Camper. There are no limits. The curb weight of the Camper is a whopping 682 kg.

The WD Camper will be available with many standard extras included and can be fitted with optional accessories.


We are working to start sales in Q3 of this year.

We are also preparing an online order configurator. Stay tuned.



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