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MWM 55 kW
Motor Controller

High-intergrated, High Precision & High Efficiency. The power electronic unit referred to in this paper includes: MCU, DCDC, high voltage junction box. The MCU unit operates in the forward, reverse, electric under neutral, electric, and feed modes according to the vehicle controller (VCU) control command, and cooperates with the vehicle system of the electric vehicle to realize the switching, driving/braking of the main circuit (cruise and shift), parking, fault alarm and handling functions, while meeting the performance requirements of high and low voltage, EMC, protection level, vibration and collision.

Bus voltage 321.2 V
Rated power 25 kW
Peak power 55 kW
Continuous operating current 85 A
Maximum output frequency 1000 Hz
Maximum working current 245 A
Input voltage range 240~410 V
Maximum efficiency ≥98%
Cooling method Liquid cooling, water/glycol 50%/50%, coolant flow: ≥8L/min.
(withstand 0.2Mpa water pressure)
Dimensions 435 × 377 × 181mm
Weight <14 kg

For more technical details about Motor Controller, feel free to download our leaflets and technical sheets. If you have any questions, don't hasistate to contact us.



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Warning: All the parameter list in this document are standard substance, any value set out of this range need calibration by MWM.

Warranty: Full 3 year warranty IF the part is used in a vehicle produced by MW Motors & installed by a MW Motors staff member. Otherwise no warranty.



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